Online Services at BESDS

What type of online services are used at our school?

Our school uses a variety of online services and applications (online services) to support and enhance our students’ educational experiences and to create a high quality and innovative learning environment. Our school uses online services for:

  • teaching and learning;
  • communication and engagement with parents;
  • student administration;
  • school management;
  • complying with legal requirements; and
  • other purposes stated in the Schools’ Privacy Policy.

Our school collects, uses, discloses and stores student and parent personal information on these online services for these purposes or where permitted by law. Where appropriate, school staff or service providers may access information in online services for those permitted purposes.   

How do we protect personal and other information?

Victorian privacy laws require schools to handle personal and health information in accordance with the appropriate principles such as the Information Privacy Principles. Our school take steps to ensure data is securely handled, such as: privacy assessments, contractual arrangements and monitoring. We also educate students on cyber safety so that they can have positive online experiences.

What content and materials will be shared through online services?

Students may have the ability to create, store and share any schoolwork related content, such as photographs, audio, video recordings, and non-classroom related information. Where this work contains personally identifiable information of students or others, we will guide students on how to handle it safely and respectfully, and to seek appropriate permissions.

Online services used for teaching and learning, and (where applicable) for parent communication and engagement about the student’s learning outcomes.

Online Service


Information types

Data Storage Location


G-Suite for Education (DET supplied)

Various teaching, learning and wellbeing functions.

  • Student assessment tasks and results
  • Teacher planning and administration
  • Administrative calendar and diary functions
  • Sharing of student wellbeing information (internal school staff)










  • Student First Name (and Initial)
  • Student Year Level
  • Student Class
  • Student Work
  • Student Assessment