Primary and Secondary School


We want all students to make progress and learn at Burwood East Special Developmental School. We place equal emphasis on providing programs and learning to develop academics, communication skills, personal and social skills and independence. Teaching and learning activities account for student interests and strengths. Students' self-esteem and dignity are strongly advocated through input into their own learning and opportunities in leadership. The school follows the Victorian Curriculum from Prep/Foundation through to Year 10.


ASDAN - Senior Secondary Program

We are proud to be a registered centre to deliver ASDAN programs to our senior secondary students. ASDAN is a credible, externally moderated curriculum ideal for our students' broad range of learning needs in their older years. We encourage you to read more about the ASDAN approach to learning on their website.

How we approach teaching and learning
Teachers engage in collaborative planning to devise learning activities and assessment tasks that allow them to form judgments about student achievement, progression and to inform the next steps in learning. Students have Individual Education Plans (IEP) which outline short and longer-term goals. This plan is collaboratively written by the teacher, parents and other specialist staff at the beginning of each year. The IEP is a working document designed to ensure accountability, record progress, and guide new achievable and progressive goals for every student during their education at BESDS. Parents and carers are encouraged to discuss their child's progress with staff at termly Student Support Group meetings.




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