Student learning and wellbeing are the driving forces at our school. Teachers and support staff work hard to develop the academic and social potential of all of our students. Together we seek to identify the strengths, abilities and learning needs of each student. Our collective purpose is to prepare young people for a positive future in an inclusive society.

The Burwood East school team comprises teachers, support staff and therapists working together to help students achieve goals in academic and social domains.
Our commitment to students extends to our emphasis on Child Safety and creating a respectful school environment. The staff know every student as an individual and understand that we gain the best from learners through trusting and respectful relationships.
Our website gives you a flavour of the unique atmosphere and offerings at Burwood East Special Developmental School. Get in touch to arrange a time for a personalised tour and conversation about your child.
We look forward to meeting you.
Seth Willingham - Principal

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