New Learning Centre Building Project Update: Sep 2023

Check the progress of the new learning centre building project.

Many discussions, visits and work have been done in the background to progress the new learning centre building project at BESDS since the funding announcement in early 2022.

The project has now moved on to the Tender stage, and a builder will be appointed through this process. It will run through September and October, and the construction work is expected to start on-site in late November or early December. The building work will be carried out in stages to ensure the safety of our students and staff as well as stable school operations. Please check the final drawings below.

The drawings and plans are displayed in the foyer: the corridor leading to the Multipurpose Room. Feel free to check them, ask questions and provide feedback. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • When will onsite construction begin?
    We are advised that onsite construction may begin in Term 4, 2023.
  • When will the project finish?
    It is forecasted to complete in Q4 2025 but is subject to change.
  • Where will students and staff be located during the construction?
    Construction will take place in two stages. In Stage 1, Block D will be built in the northwestern corner of the school, which only has an inground trampoline. No classes will need to relocate at this stage. When Block D is complete, all 6 classes in the current relocatable building (Rooms 6 to 11) will move to the new block. Then Stage 2 construction will commence: removing the relocatable, building Block C and landscaping.
  • How will the project affect parking and traffic at the front of the school?
    There will undoubtedly be an impact by increased traffic, especially during the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times. A minor carpark modification is scheduled for the September school holiday to relieve traffic congestion and make more parking spaces in preparation for the onsite construction.
  • What happens to the "Primary Building" that houses Rooms 1 to 5?
    There will be no change in the "Primary Building" and the classes in that building during this project. However, the BESDS council is discussing the option of recommencing the refurbishment plan for the "Primary Building" once this project is complete.

You can also find some brief information about the project on the VSBA website: .

 If you need help understanding the information on this page, please contact school on 03 9803 4590.